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  1. Greetings all. I just wanted to remind the community that the Duo 1 - Duo 3 and the Squad 1 - Squad 5 Channels are not meant to be a social lounge. With respect to the players currently playing in those channels be sure to ask if its OK to be there. If you feel like just playing to get pitted or get reckd please hop on one of the three Chit Chat channels. Thanks!
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  2. Also a reminder of the rules for these channels and any other designated with the "⚠️" icon:

    1. No member shall enter any channel, including those denoted by a ⚠️icon, and proceed to play music/sounds/soundboards. Doing so is rude to everyone else involved. Soundboards are currently not banned but if abuse occurs they will be removed.
    2. Upon entering any channel with the ⚠️ icon in its name users must remain silent until an original member of that channel greets/acknowledges you.
    3. No member may go/remain AFK in any channel denoted by a "⚠️" symbol. If they wish to go AFK they MUST move to the AFK channels only.
    4. No excessive joining and leaving a ⚠️ channel. If you need to speak with someone, send a single poke informing them.

    Pay special attention to #2. Not following it is a great way to ruin someone's chicken dinner by distracting them when they are trying to communicate with their team. It's also a great way to make a mortal enemy who's sole purpose in life is to exact revenge on your poor soul.
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