Dungeons & Dragons for Beginners

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  1. It's flu season.. cough cough
  2. Thank you to those who participated in our first 1-off D&D campaign. As discussed we will reconvene for next session on Friday @ 6pm EST!

    For those in our next game @syfulus @Operationurmom @Nicknamessuk @dragonaslin @Xalorous

    Here is a simple Character Creator:
    Our campaign link: (join the campaign after you make your character and i can see it)

    Make sure to pick your Token:

    Send the link to both to my forum account as soon as you can. I will begin creating the campaign this week.
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  3. As our jounrey came to a conclusion tonight our adventurers found themselves having just entered a dungeon underneath the mayors mansion. What does the dungeon hold? Will they find the missing townsfolk? Find out next time!

    Oujr next meeting will be this next friday @ 6pm EST. Same time, same place
  4. Might be a few minutes late my wife decided I need to go see the dentist at 2
  5. Hey, so I made my character for the next time you guys play...