Escape From Tarkov - Beta Gameplay

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  1. Game might be cool but fuck these devs. You had to pay over $150 to get a guaranteed spot in the beta. Anything lower than that and it was just a small chance that you might get in the beta. Then, if you said anything about it on Facebook, they would remove and block you. They won't be getting my money.
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  2. I pre-ordered this the first day it came out. I had Alpha access but the game was really buggy. I agree the $150 to get Beta sucks. Noway I am upping my pre-order to get Beta access, will wait for the full release.
  3. I Just Got This Game. Its Now In Closed Beta And Any Purchase Now Gets You Guaranteed Access Into The Beta. Cheapest copy Is $44.99. They Just Added A Few Maps. Its Worth checking Out.
  4. You do know that if you decide to cancel your pre-order, you're shit out of's written in their TOS that there is no refunds.
  5. suddenly PUBG is relegated to being the Nixon of netcode/hitreg, lol...

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  6. Ive been talking about this game for a while now, im glad its getting some attention here. Ill be picking this one up for sure and look forward to running around with anyone here who does the same.
  7. Don't do it! Alot of people aren't saying its very good.
  8. You didnt watch the video..
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  9. From everything I read online and seen in videos, this game has the worst hitreg of any FPS ever. Its REALLY bad, worse than PUBG!
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