Found me a cheater!

Discussion in 'Playerunknown Battlegrounds' started by Army126, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. First time using the replay system for finding hackers. Wasn't easy to figure out but I got the footage I needed.

    It was getting down to the last circle and we were in good shape. We then all get taken down from afar and it was bullshit. After seeing the death cam, it was quite obvious of what was happening. ESP and aimbot.

    This first guy has like 5 or 6 different accounts, has PUBG on all of them.

    This second guy was in the first guys squad. Also using ESP and an aimbot. He's trying to kill two guys in a building but snaps to kill @Footheboss in the process.

    I was able to report these douchebags in the replay section. I REALLY want to post this on Reddit in the PUBG area but I think its against the rules.

    Whats unfortunate is that these chinese kids are from Canada, which would make the "region lock" or ping lock completely useless...
  2. Region lock Canada, eh?
  4. it's a goldmine fo sho!
    i think the best way to determine if someone is using cheats is to watch what they do when not actively in a firefight. ESP/maphack users will scan around themselves amazingly quick, if at all... OSD & HUD cheats tell em direction/distance/LoS danger (they tend to lock targets through objects), while maphack users never look around. no-recoil users can be found too, not always by watching the weapon or sight, but by watching where the bullets hit. insta-heal cheats are easy to spot in replays, but not while in-game.

    (*had to change it... cheat users don't deserve the credit!)