From downntoowwnn!

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  1. Sorry for the poor video quality. I was running windowed mode at the time.

  2. Damn RPG's are fast, nice shot.
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  3. miikkee weren't you the one that shot a rocket from US spawn on Siege and managed to TK a friendly helo 500+ meters away?
  4. Whoa. Lazer beam rpgs.
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  5. I wish I still had this video!!!!! and yes it was a team kill. One Man Army was in the chopper and I shot a rocket in the general direction and he glided straight into it. I felt soooo bad, but it was hilarious.
  6. I think tide has it. It might be unlisted though
  7. Holy fuck. Nice!
  8. Pretty good shot for a commie!
  9. Wow...I sound so retarded in that clip...
  10. Wow...I sound so retarded in that clip...
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