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  1. I have a bunch of games that have been sitting in my humble bundle account that i have no interest in so i want to donate all proceeds to the RTR servers. There way i would like this to work is if you see something you like make a paypal donation for $5 and let me know the game you want or i will do 5 games for $20 " DLC IS TREATED AS A GAME ON THE LIST" and i will send you the keys over threw pm on the forums. I will keep up to date list of who gets what but i would double check before you donate that some one else has not asked for the game you want first. games forsale
  2. Awesome way to help the community! I want pillars of eternity, stick of truth, the forest, hurtworld, dead by daylight. $20 donation made to rTr. Thank you.
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  3. Great list of games.. I'll take xCom2, Stellaris, Ashes of the Singularity, Dirt Rally and Saints Row 4 GOTH.. $25 bucks to the community !! Thanks Buddy..
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  4. Ill take Project Cars and Stardew valley for a $10 donation
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