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  1. So, I'm looking at getting a new you as my 770 4 gb is getting dated..... I'm looking at evga ftw2 1080s, which would be better fan cooled model or the hybrid? I dont intend on playing with the settings much, more looking at longevity and performance.. is there much sense with messagng with the hybrid? I'
    Not dead set on This model considering dropping to a sc2 to save a little but looking for input. Happy holidays!

  2. What resolution are you using?

  3. Just 1080 for now I can't afford a 4 k monitor =(
  4. 1070ti is cheaper than a 1080, and will perform pretty much on par at 1080p settings..
  5. If you're going to be on 1080p for quite a while, just get a 1070. I have a hard time suggesting a 1070ti because its so close to the 1080 in price. The regular 1070 is considered the sweet spot for 1440p and you will just fine at 1080p.

    As for specific brands of cards, I don't suggest EVGA at all. Their QC over the past 2 generations has been complete garbage. @Operationurmom bought a 1080 when they first released and had to take the cooler off to install thermal pads that EVGA neglected to put on. It wasn't an isolated issue either, thousands of other people had to do the same thing. It translated into much higher temps for a card that should be in the high 60's when gaming.

    I've had 4 different MSI Gaming X cards. gtx770, 970, 1060 and 1070. Not one issue with cooling and all have worked flawlessly.

    In the end, its your choice but I believe that a 1080 is a waste of money at 1080p.
  6. my suggestion is to wait possibly 6wks-3mo if you can. while Nvidia's uncut Pascal chip is unmatched, it's also 19+ months old & the GP104 1070 is still sold for well over the original $380 msrp... they planned on releasing Volta (the 20, or 11 series) in late Oct or early Nov, but delayed launch because AMD's Vega chip didn't beat them & Nvidia were still making record profit margins off the older tech - but that can't go on too much longer with people in the industry already talkin about Tesla. going by history, Volta's GV104/6 chip 2070 (or 1170 - whichever name you think it'll be), will likely beat the 1080ti & cost around the $425-500 mark due to lack of competition.

    with AMD out of the GPU game, expect the same lack of innovation & performance leaps suffered in the CPU market for 7yrs. they just don't have to give us anything to stay relevant anymore. although, that might be Nvidia's downfall if this "package" idea turns out from the Intel/RadeonTechnoligiesGroup partnership... course, Intel might pull an Intel & completely fuck RTG... either way, i expect Volta to be plenty of GPU to get by the next 4-5yrs.
  7. I don't think that Intel/Radeon deal will be related to PC gaming in any way. Intel is still trying to find a footing on the mobile side of things and APU's are trash.
  8. maybe. but all Intel & AMD have to do is agree that it's no-longer necessary to have graphics run through expansion slots. AMD have been looking that direction with APUs for a long time, & Intel desperately want a big chunk of mobile GPU add-on cards are a liability to power draw & space. it's a lot of incentive.
  9. yeah that thermal tape application was not expected, but the card runs great. 1070 is more then enough for 1440p gaming. Apu's are trash but eventually theyll run 4k games better then cards. It is the future just not now for sure. I see intel going IBM and doing commercial and corporate while amd stays consumer and eventually gets in to commercial. Just a thought.