GTA Online: Arms Manufacturing Bonuses July 18th - July 24th

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  1. Starting July 18th and running through Monday July 24th, Arms Manufacturing in Bunkers is increased by 25%!

    The Black Ammu Nation Hoodie is also available as a reward through completing a Bunker Sale Mission by July 24th!

    New Vehicle!
    • The Turrent Mounted Karin Technical Custom is now available as an upgrade in the Mobile Operations Center.
    • Research Opportunities are available for this new vehicle as well.
    Vehicle & Armor Discounts!
    • Phantom Wedge
    • Annihilator
    • Buzzard
    • Vehicle Armor
    • Bullet Proof Tires
    Double RP and Cash in Overtime Rumble Extended!
    • A new team based game mode for up to 10 people that involves landing a parachuting Ruiner 2000 on various platforms of varying size. Double RP and Cash extended now through July 24th!

    Vehicle Races and Time Trials (July 18th - July 24th)
    • Premium Special Vehicle Race "Into The Dam" offers a sizeable payout and more RP.
    • The Time Trial "Sawmill" is also offering a sizeable payout and additional RP.