GTA Online: CEO Bonuses July 11th - July 17th

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  1. Starting today and running through July 17th, Executive Offices and Garages are up to 40% off. Also get Double RP and Cash in the new game mode Overtime Rumble!


    New Super Car!
    • Grotti Cheetah Classic available on Legendary Motorsport.
    Executive Office Discounts and Upgrades!
    • Maze Bank West - 25% Off
    • Arcadius Business Center - 30% Off
    • Lombank West - 35% Off
    • Maze Bank Tower - 40% Off
    • Executive Office Garages - 25% Off
    • Custom Auto Shop - 25% Off
    • Executive Garage Renovations - 25% Off
    • Custom Auto Shop Renovations - 25% Off


    Double RP and Cash in Overtime Rumble!

    A new team based game mode for up to 10 people that involves landing a parachuting Ruiner 2000 on various platforms of varying size. Double RP and Cash through July 17th.

    Vehicle Races and Time Trials (July 11th - July 17th)
    • Premium Special Vehicle Race "Big Drop" offers a sizeable payout and more RP.
    • The Time Trial "Up Chilliad" is also offering a sizeable payout and additional RP.
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