GTA Online: Heist Bonuses May 9th - May 15th

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  1. Starting today and running through the 15th of May, all heists will feature double RP and cash!


    Double RP and Cash on Heists!
    • Flecca Job
    • Prison Job
    • Humane Labs Raid
    • Series A Funding
    • Pacific Standard Job
    *Bonuses don't apply to challenges like All in Order and Criminal Mastermind.

    Vehicle Races and Time Trials

    • Premium Special Vehicle Race "Beach Party" offers a sizeable payout and more RP.
    • The Time Trial "Raton City" is also offering a sizeable payout and additional RP.

    Krazie_Ivan has already offered to do a walkthrough of each heist in support of the additional payouts, please see his post for more information!
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  2. Also, Heists are doubled for the weekend (maybe past the 15th? not clear), and setting it up on hard gives 3x payout on XP and Moolah.