GTA Online: Motorcycle Club Bonuses May 2nd - May 15th

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  1. Starting today, here is information pertaining to the bonuses and discounts in Grand Theft Auto Online.


    Double RP and Cash on All Motorcycle Club Contracts!
    • 25% Off All Clubhouses
    • 25% Off Motorcycle Club Businesses (Not certain if this includes upgrades)
    • 25% Off Customization for Clubhouses
    25% Off The Following Vehicles!
    • Shotaro
    • Progen T20
    • Annihilator
    • Buzzard
    • Karin Technical
    • Desert Raid
    • Trophy Truck
    25% Off Explosives and Armor!
    • Vehicle Armor
    • Bulletproof Tires
    • All Body Armor
    • Explosive Ammo & Throwable Explosives
    • Rockets
    • Grenades
    Also note that the 25% additional payout for CEO Special Cargo Deliveries has been extended until the 15th of May. Also Double RP and Cash has been extended until May 8th for the Tiny Racers mode. Anyone who logged in between April 25th and April 30th, should be expecting their 425k Tax Refund Deposit in the coming week or so.

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  2. of note:
    ...a full 8 in the MC can top $250k/hr (Prez stays in/near Clubhouse to launch next mission quicker) doing Contracts, & you can run these in Private, Crew, Invite-Only sessions w/o griefers slowing you down. only need a Clubhouse to run Contract Missions (cheap), no MC Biz needed (expensive).
    ...Buzzard is worth buying if you don't have one yet. if in an Org, it's free to call in at any location via the interaction menu if ANYONE within the Org owns it - you don't even have to be the CEO.
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  3. The Motorcycle Contracts are insane! With a closed crew session, you get paid anywhere from $40,000 - $70,000 a contract. Definitely worth playing while this is going on!!