GTA Online: New Aircraft, Adversary Mode and Discounts September 19th - September 25th

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  1. New Aircraft!

    As of September 19th, the all-new RM-10 Bombushka is available for purchase through Warstock Cache and Carry. This purpose-built bomber features seating for 6, as well as rear, front and top mounted machine guns to ensure that you point defense is on point. Additionally, this flying behemoth can be upgraded in your aircraft workshop to carry a variety of payloads, including cluster, gas, incendiary and explosive munitions.

    New Adversary Mode!

    As of September 19th, the brand new Adversary Mode Bombushka Run is available for play. In this exciting new mode, a team of Buzzard Attack Choppers must fight to bring down a team in a single RM-10 Bombushka bomber. Enjoy Double GTA$+RP in this Adversary Mode through September 25th.


    Through September 25th, take advantage of a 25% discount on all of the following:
    • Executive Offices
    • Liveries (Aircraft and Cars)
    • Mobile Operations Center Cabs
    • Resprays (Aircraft and Cars)
    • Hangar Workshop
    • Aircraft Weapons
    All discounts and double GTA$+RP events valid through September 25th.
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  2. Holy shit, dat bomber.
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  3. I've been waiting for this thing to be purchasable.
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