GTA Online: New Vehicle, Adversary Mode+Bonuses July 25th-July 31st

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  1. New Vehicle!
    July 25th marked the release of a new Vehicle, The Pegassi Torero. It is available for purchase on Legendary Motorsports. Enjoy 25% off engine upgrades for this and all other vehicles through July 31st.

    New Adversary Mode!
    Also introduced on July 25th is the new Adversary Mode, Power Mad. This mode involves two teams of 2-4 players fighting over control of a Juggernaut power up. Enjoy double GTA$ and RP in this new Adversary Mode through July 31st.

    Bunker Research Boost and Ammu-Nation Sale!

    Bunker Research is boosted by 25%. Take advantage of boosted research with a 25% reduction in price on Vehicle and Weapon Workshop modules for the Mobile Operations Center.

    Enjoy a 25% discount on ALL of the following weapons classes from Ammu-Nation.

    • Handguns
    • Machine Guns (Including SMG's)
    • Assault Rifles
    • Sniper Rifles
    Discounts, Boosts, and Double GTA$+RP events valid through July 31st.
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