GTA Online: New Vehicle, Bunker and Vehicle discounts August 22nd-August 28th

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  1. New Vehicle!

    As of August 22nd, the all new Ocelot Ardent is available for purchase through Warstock Cache and Carry. This Retro-Style sports car features dual front-mounted machine guns for on-the-go engagements.

    Double Payouts and Bonuses

    Through August 28th, take advantage of double GTA$+RP in any Bunker-based Adversary Mode, as well as the Vehicle Vendetta Adversary Mode.
    Additionally, Vehicle Cargo Sell Missions will issue a double payout.
    As an added bonus, enjoy a 25% discount on all Vehicle Warehouses.

    Vehicle, Office and Bunker Discounts

    Starting August 22nd, Maze Bank Foreclosures is offering a 25% price reduction on the Smoke Tree Road Bunker.
    Through August 28th, building your criminal empire is even easier with a 25% discount on all Executive Offices available for purchase through Dynasty 8 Executive.
    Last but not least, enjoy a 25% discount on all of the following vehicles:
    • Rocket Voltic
    • Cognoscenti 55
    • Schafter LWB
    All Discounts, Bonuses and Double GTA$+RP Events valid through August 28th.
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