GTA Online: Smuggler's Run Update

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  1. Smuggler's Run

    As of August 29th, the Smuggler's Run update is fresh off the press, direct from Rockstar. This update allows you to further expand your criminal empire by taking to the skies with a lucrative air-smuggling business.


    5 Customizable Hangar properties are now available in 2 different locations across San Andreas, including Fort Zancudo and Los Santos International Airport. It is worth noting, purchasing a hangar in Fort Zancudo will grant you low level clearance to the base. These Hangars come complete with an optional aircraft custom workshop, aircraft storage, office, show floor and living quarters. To sweeten the deal further, you will receive a complimentary Cuban 800 aircraft with any Hangar purchase. Hangar properties are available through Maze Bank Foreclosures.

    Air Smuggling

    With this new update comes a brand new business, air smuggling. This business can be run either through a CEO Organization or a Motorcycle Club. Log into the Free Trade Shipping Co app to source lucrative cargo to sell for a profit.

    New Aircraft!

    The skies of San Andreas are about to get toasty with the release of seven brand new Aircraft available for purchase through Elitás Travel and Warstock Cache and Carry. Personal choppers, bombers and dogfighters alike are now in stock. These aircraft can be stored and customized in your Hangar property, and fitted with a variety of upgrades such as weapons, engine and handling upgrades, countermeasures and liveries.

    The new aircraft are as follows:

    Mammoth Tula
    This prop-powered aircraft features water-landing and VTOL capabilities. Additionally, it can be fitted with a bomb bay, turrets, and a Jet-Assisted Takeoff upgrade. This aircraft is available for purchase through Warstock Cache and Carry.

    V-65 Molotok
    This jet-powered aircraft features twin nose-mounted machine guns for areal engagements. It is available for purchase through Warstock Cache and Carry.

    Western Rogue
    The Western Rogue is a prop-powered aircraft. It can be upgraded with missiles, machine guns, a full-sized bomb bay, and anti-intercept countermeasures. It is available for purchase through Warstock Cache and Carry.

    Buckingham Alpha-Z1
    This unarmed speedy single-prop aircraft is perfect for getaways. It is available for purchase through Elitás Travel.

    Nagasaki Havok
    This single-seat ultralight helicopter is both fast and maneuverable. It can be upgraded with decoy flares and machine guns. It is available for purchase through Elitás Travel.

    LF-22 Starling
    This jet powered aircraft is armed with rocket pods and boasts incredible speed. It can be upgraded with bombs and homing rockets for precise engagement of both ground and air targets. It is available for purchase through Warstock Cache and Carry.

    Nagasaki Ultralight
    This prop powered single seat aircraft is light and affordable. It is available for purchase through Elitás Travel.

    New Adversary Mode!
    As of August 29th, the Motor Wars adversary mode is available for play. In this mode, up to four teams drop into an ever shrinking battlefield littered with a wonderful assortment of killing machines. Work with your team to gear up and survive!

    New Vehicles!
    Also released with the Smuggler's Run update were two brand new ground vehicles, the Vapid Retinue and the Grotti Visione. The Visione is available for purchase through Legendary Motorsports, while the Retinue can be found in South San Andreas Superautos.

    New Apparel
    Lastly, new clothing items are available from all clothing retailers. Get a fresh start on your smuggling business with a fresh new look.
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  2. patch changes/additions that caught my eye:

    --Changes to vehicle downforce calculations have been made to make sure vehicle handling behaves in the same way as before the Gunrunning content update.
    --Flares fired from the Flare Gun now attract nearby homing missiles.
    --Changes have been made to the amount of explosive hits the Savage Helicopter can withstand.
    --Fixed an issue that meant players could be run over/hit by the Bunker caddies.
    --Fixed an issue that caused the mini-map icons to be offset when the map is expanded.
    --Fixed an issue that caused the Weaponized Tampa’s ammo to not be refilled after taking it into the MOC.
    --Fixed an issue in various Sell Missions where players were unable to deliver the objective. (4 bikes into back of trucks mission? Paleto Triangle?)
    --Fixed incorrect payout issues for multiple Businesses. (low-pay bug squashed?)
    --Changes have been made to the Key Rebinding menu – a new “GTA Online Vehicles” category has been added and some Special Vehicle controls have been split into unique key bindings.
    --Fixed a transaction error that occurred after completing a Bunker Sell Mission.

    Broughy says if you buy a Hanger, call up your Pegasus aircraft & put them into the Hanger, they then become "personal aircraft". this makes me think we're going to see attack helis & jets spawn right at any street on the map instead of needing to go get them at the closest airport or helipad. removing one of the unique things that added to the Oppressor's OP-ness, but adding that feature to anyone who owns a Hydra/Buz/Sav/Valk/etc MC or CEO status required.
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