How to EASILY crouch jump through windows, on to objects, etc

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  1. okay ill try but my jump looked different. I was reading its gone, maybe not
  2. Also still working just fine for me.
  3. The last update overwrote my GameUserSettings.ini file. I don't want to test it again as I don't want to get banned for something this stupid.
  4. Still works for me, but keep in mind this is a bannable offense now.. use at your own risk.
  5. Depending on your keyboard, you can set a macro that only activates in PUBG where the spacebar also hits c. No editing of game files required. It's how I have mine set up now.
  6. "Do not cheat: do not use third party programs, macros, client-side hacks, edited game files or anything else that may give you an unfair advantage in the game."

    That would be considered a macro..

  7. [​IMG]
    Seen here

    This is by PoopieQueen who works for them and was posted only 20 hours ago.

    It's great how they seem to flip flop on their answers so much though.
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