If you need a new PC, read this!

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    I listened to Miikees suggestion and got the latest and greatest
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  2. Nice work @miikee !
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  3. Army,Vanity and Kedsdead helped me out A LOT. On my last build before I started traveling for work. They saved me money and saved me from going overkill. Hitem up. They have great advice and know there hardware and software. Poor Vanity, Army and Keds. I talked to them on and off for about a month on parts before I made my decision.
  4. Yup and now @Solidflip is using that PC to watch VR Porn on...lol
  5. excuse you? i also watch FOV porn on it
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  6. And I'm sure you have the nude patch for Overwatch installed.. so you can actually play porn aswell..
  7. Why do you keep instalocking Roadhog?!
  8. Ill hop on the boat too and say if none of these fellas are around send me a poke. I have built about 10 pc's over the last 5 years and none of them have blown up.... yet!

    And in addition to me adding my feeble help go to https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapcsales/
    and watch it like a hawk if you need a GPU... There are some deals that could save you big and also if you live near a Microcenter (score) they have had some deals over the past several months of this gpu nonsense that will give cheaper prices if your building a entire pc.
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  9. Can vouch for this..
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