If your looking for a knife read this first

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  1. If your looking for a new knife, specifically a pocket knife and want to look around and find one right for you please reach out toward me. I carry anything from $10 beaters to $300 high end titanium and carbon fiber slicers. If you can give me a price range and roughly what your looking for I would love to help you look around for one. Chances are if I'm not playing a game there is a decent chance I was just looking around anyways. Or if you just want to ask about blade steels or a certain company. The main things most people look at when they go to buy a knife is blade steel, handle material, design, and price but there are also things to look at such as the companies warranty and repair services.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Those are illegal weapons over here in most of Europe :p Nice collection tho
  3. I got friends that make high end knives... All i can afford are cheap ones these days...