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  1. Rainbow Six Siege’s test servers have been updated with a new set of changes that buffed and nerfed several different Operators, Caveira and Clash receiving the bulk of the adjustments.

    Ubisoft shared a list of changes players can expect to encounter in the test servers with that update now already released. As always, a selection of bug fixes and known issues were addressed in the update, but the main changes players will want to look out for are the Operator balance adjustments as well as one slight change for an individual weapon.

    Caveira’s changes deal exclusively with her Luision which Ubisoft said is being changed to push her more towards the stealthy role she’s intended to fill.

    “Given her current win delta, we feel Cav is a little strong and want to make her less frustrating to play against,” Ubisoft said. “This change seeks to put more focus on emphasizing her role as a stealth and precision operative.”

    Each of the changes for the Operator’s Luison that are now live on the test servers are is listed below:

    • Damage decreased to 65 (from 99).
    • Adjustments to damage dropoff to align with other pistols for consistency.
    • Reduced magazine size to 12 (from 15).
    • Increased recoil to make chaining shots at long-range more challenging.
    • Increased hipfire spread to reduce viability of spamming non-ADS shots.

    Clash, conversely, got buffed in the update with her SPSMG9 secondary weapon now more powerful on the test servers.

    “By changing her SPSMG9 into a pseudo-primary to give her a bit more efficiency and firepower, we want to improve her performance in situations where she lacks team support,” Ubisoft said.

    Those changes for Clash’s SPSMG9 can be seen below:

    • Upgrade to full-automatic fire mode from 2-round burst fire mode.
    • Updated recoil to align with other full-auto weapons.
    • Increase total ammunition at 161 (up from 121)
    • Increased damage to 33 (up from 30).
    As part of two much less involved changes, the Operator Kaid and the MP5 weapon which is used by different Operators were both changed with Kaid’s AUG A3 getting buffed while the MP5 was nerfed.

    KAID: Buff to Kaid’s AUG A3

    • Increase AUG ADS speed by 33% to align with other SMGs.
    MP5: Nerf to MP5

    • Decrease MP5 max damage to 27 (from 30).
    These balance adjustments are currently on the test servers and are subject to change before heading to live servers.
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