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  1. With no server rental program on the horizon for Battlefield 5, representing RTR in-game is crucial to making our presence known in this series. Here's a quick how-to that makes it as easy as possible to rep the [rTr] tags. The Platoon system is the same as it was in Battlefield 1 and should actually carry over through both games.
    1. At the main menu slam your Escape button
    2. Click Platoons in the left-hand menu
    3. Click the Find Platoon option
    4. Type "Right to Rebel" in the Search field
    5. Click the "Right To Rebel" result that comes up with 80+ members
    6. Smash that "Represent Platoon" button
    7. Profit
    You'll likely need to be approved by rTr staff, but you're now on your way to wearing the Platoon tags!

    tl;dr here's a pretty picture to join our BF5 Platoon and wear the [rTr] tags:

    Praise Zoltan
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.