KOTH Profile Restore Guidelines

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  1. Below are the directions to have your KOTH profile data restored. Please note that this service is NOT done by Right to Rebel in anyway and we are not able to do anymore for you other then point you to these directions.

    Having your profile restored is pretty easy. Follow these simple steps to have it restored.

    We do not need Screenshots of your Gameplay. We do not need any sort of information from you. Your profile Information will be pulled from Our system. The latest saved profile for your character will be applied to you. However please note that we do not have a complete history.

    Step 1:
    Join WS discord here: https://discord.gg/S8y9xfZ to find out when restores are going to happen. Restores are generally guaranteed on Saturdays. They’re also done throughout the week, however there are no set times.
    Whenever a restore is about to happen, it will be announced in the #koth-profile-restore channel on discord.
    Please do not poke or message restore admins. They do restores in their freetime.

    Step 2:
    Launch Arma 3

    Step 3:
    Select Multiplayer and then Server Browser

    Step 4:
    Select Direct Connect

    Step 5:
    Enter the IP: and PORT: 2702

    Step 6:
    Enter the password for the server: 4567

    Step 7:
    Join Opfor

    Step 8:
    Please wait whilst an admin gets to you, they’ll be others ahead of you probably

    Step 9: Once an admin has confirmed that your stats have been restored, use your mouse wheel and open “Player Menu”

    Step 10: Select “Save Now”

    Step 11: Exit the Server

    Step 12:Backup, for info on how to do this watch the below video.

    Step 13: Continue playing!

    Players please note that we record details of everyone that has been restored, due to limited resources and time we must limit each persons to a maximum of two restores. Any further requires will be denied due to negligence. Backup your data as shown in the above video.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.