Looking for some input on a gaming laptop.

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  1. Hey y'all,
    Im in the market for a gaming laptop and was wondering if i could get some input. The main use will be for single player games that can have some good graphics IE. ( Witcher 3 on ultra (no hair-works)) so im thinking i need either a 1050ti or 1060 for a gpu and I would like it to have some decent storage like maybe 1tb HDD and I would also like around 8gb+ of ram, my budget is around preferably less than 1k but I can probably go up to 1.2k does anyone know of anything that may fit that bill? Dont have a brand preference as long as its not HP (had some bad experiences )

    Thanks everyone!

    PS: if anyone thinks that may be too much or too little to run the witcher let me know please.
  2. This is the best deal I could find. I personally prefer Asus after owning one but to get close the specs I had, you are closer to $1400. MSI puts out a ton of laptops. I'm kind of disappointed as this model doesn't come with an OC'd screen but the lower 1060 3GB model has one. For the price, this is a good deal based on hardware alone.

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  3. This is what brand I bought. They are formally known as Clevo but for some reason changed there name to Sager. They were asked by Nvidia to do a laptop experiment on testing a 1080ti in a laptop.
    They have various screen sizes and are reasonably priced.


    Army..... buying another laptop isn’t going to change how bad you suck.. even on single player. LMAO!!
  4. From evidence that we have already seen, having a badass computer like the one you have doesn't improve your skills either.
  5. lol What evidence.. I barely have time to S.S.S.S (Shit, Shower, Shave & Sleep)

    But you are right it doesn't improve my skills when I don't get to play. So maybe when I do get to start playing again I can hopefully see that your skills have improved. But don't you worry. I wont hold my breath for that. :D
  6. Dump the shower and shaving.. that should leave enough time to play more...
  7. You wear a gas mask at work? If not, drop the shave. You wear coverall's at work? Drop the shower and put on some deodorant, problem solved.
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