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    Welcome to the rTr Minecraft Server

    Within this post you will find all the information you'll need to join our server. If you have any questions that this post doesn't answer feel free to speak with an Admin/Moderator and we will do our best to help you.

    MineCraft Server Information
    Server IP: minecraft.righttorebel.net OR
    Pack: The Simple Life 2 Ver 1.3.5
    GameMode: Survival
    Pack launcher: Twitch launcher

    MineCraft Server Rules
    1 - No Stealing Griefing, Duping, Hacking, or exploiting.
    2 - No Mechanical Mining Devices in the MainWorld/SecondaryBuildWorld. You may quarry in the mining world. One quarry per group please.
    3 - Building within 500 blocks of spawn is prohibited.
    4 - Racist, sexist, xenophobic, and other offensive speech will not be tolerated.
    5 - Gifting technology & game breaking items is highly frowned upon. All Staff will discourage it and will confiscate items if deemed necessary.
    6 - No AFK devices. A 3 strike system is applied to this.
    7 - No hack-usations.
    8 - No visual diarrhea. This includes pillaring and leaving explosions everywhere.
    9 - No non-consensual PvP. No Holy Wars.

    Disclaimer: Any bag-type of items lost are non-refundable. Avoid putting bags inside of bags, this corrupts the meta-data. We suggest Ender pouches, which can be lost, and its contents will remain safe.

    (Note that anyone found to be trying to get around these rules will be subject to that rules punishment [Ie. Making 1x2 towers is still considered to fall under rule 8.])

    MineCraft Server Advertising
    The rTr MineCraft Server has expanded our outreach in order to gain more players and make our current players time with us the best possible. To this end we have placed several advertisiments of the server at various places. You are able to vote at certain places, such as Reddit and the ATL server list. While there are no rewards in-game for these actions they are greatly appreciated.

    Advertising Locations

    Current List


    1. How do I install the pack?
    A: You'll need to first download the Twitch Launcher. Then search for The Simple Life 2, or scroll through the Packs list. Once you find the pack simply install the latest version(unless specified version is listed).

    2. Why is item X banned?
    A: All banned items are banned due to them either breaking the balance of the game, or causing glitches.

    3. I found a bug!
    A: Report all bugs to our Github. (Do not put dupes on the github but consult an Admin directly)

    4. My question isnt here!!!!

    A: If you have a question that isn't here just ask either a moderator or an admin in TS. ts.righttorebel.net
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