Need suggestions...

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by linkshinter, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. looks like your case can do 240 or 280 cooler in the top, but a 280 might block/remove the rear case fan... esp if the rad has the slightest bit of added tank length on both ends. you can mount a 240mm rad w/fans in the top as exhaust, but expect VRM temps to go up slightly. not sure if there's even enough clearance for push/pull, but that'd toast the VRMs anyway. if you went with a 120mm rad in the roof/forward position, the other remaining top fan will still be pulling air past the VRMs, & in/out flow balance wouldn't be as effected ...but RAM may block push/pull there.

    it's hard to tell from pics, but i'd be concerned a push/pull 120mm mounted to the rear wouldn't clear the 200mm side fan. case just pre-dates the popularity of AIOs/CLCs.

    i personally don't feel 120mm rads are really worth using w/o push/pull, as they don't perform much different than decent air towers...maybe slightly more heat headroom, but louder due to RPM & static pressure. not having the weight hanging off the mobo is nice tho. 240mm rads are where you start seeing real gains in lower load temps, & even larger rads allow for slower fans so you get back to noise levels of air towers.