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  1. While Ivan and I may never agree, one point has been proven from people that know more than both of us.

    The Intel chips are better at gaming on your end, the AMD chips are better at providing the viewer a better experience when streaming to them on twitch. Though it's a slight difference with both scenarios, it's noticeable. In the current market, the Ryzen 7 1700 is the best value due to its price at $210. There is no point spending an extra $100 for another 200mhz, which is about the only thing the 2700x provides. If streaming is really not something you are worried about, the i5-8600k is the best option for pure gaming and no one disputes this. Again, RAM speed doesn't matter, buy the largest amount for the cheapest price.

    @Krazie_Ivan, bubblegum channel? You don't need all those benchmarks and Maxxmem to show that its a waste of money to buy "faster" RAM. The age old argument that developers are going to start using more cores STILL isn't a thing(though they should have been doing this 5 years ago). There are probably 5 games today that take advantage of multiple cores, that isn't going to change rapidly.

    So again, this would be my AMD and Intel suggestions.


    Intel i7:

    Intel i5:
  2. @Army126 and @Krazie_Ivan thanks! Before I actually purchase anything I'll talk with ya in discord ro make sure I get what's best for me. You both have been very helpful
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