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  1. So my current hyperx cloud 2 headset is starting to go out the sound will randomly cut out. I am trying to figure out what my next headset or headphones and mic should be. I would like to know what you guys think of the options available currently in the 100 to 150 range.
  2. Like combined priced or each? Makes a huge difference.

    Philips SHP9500s
    I don't have a link, @Antivanity has an inline mic that works well. I would ask him about it. Its doesn't cost much.
    Also this as it combines quality headphones with a shit mic.

    Philips SHP9500s
    Blue Yeti mic
  3. Combined I'm not trying to record any podcast over here. Those headphones lookl awesome and cheap 100 dollars of I may have to get them now.
  4. You don't need a podcast to have good quality sound on both ends. Buying a good set of headphones and a mic will last a long time, not like PC hardware of 3-4 years. Spend $500 once and be good for 10 years.

    My setup, which includes some of the best stuff available for gaming looks like this.

    I have the "Magni 2" but it just gets better with the newer stuff.




    My setup was a bit over $500 but I am completely happy with it. This is the best audio setup I've ever had and it completely destroys any gaming headset I've owned in the past, including your current set, the Hyper X headset. Headphones are subjective to your environment. If its quiet in your background, open headphones like the ones I've posted will work well and are the best for gaming imo. They provide a soundstage that is unrivaled by anything else. If its loud or people are close, I suggest a closed set of phones. They provide some sound insulation that will keep sounds in and less sound from outside out. Audio Technica ATH-M50x's would be a good go to, along with Beyerdynamics DT770's.

  5. For some reason, our forums aren't allowing Amazon links, hence the annoying fucking spaces after the mic posts....
  6. Yeah I got the hyperx 3 years ago and they are awesome cause the steel band but think they are at end of life. Figured if I am going to upgrade I might as well get something decent. I love open back but I am afraid my wife will yell at me and say it's to loud lol.
  7. Well I got those Phillips headphones and a cheap highly rated condenser mic off Amazon. I figure for that price my wife can deal with it or I will just buy a pair of closed back ones. Not I just have to tell her I bought new stuff without telling her.
  8. Alot of the open back cans have a cord that is able to be removed. Alot of closed back cans don't, something to take a note of. The cans I have are detachable but don't use 3.5mm jack on the headphone input. Some 3 prong shit that looks proprietary but probably isn't as I haven't looked into it. Probably mini-XLR.
  9. That's another bonus since the only issue with my headphones right now is the corri believe. And this is the second pair in 6 years that the cord has gone out on I should be fine as long as my wife doesn't try to talk to me when I'm gaming.