New Rust Update

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  1. There Is A New Rust Update. Building 3.0.

    • Bases repair themselves if upkeep resources are in TC
    • Bases require upkeep resources to be kept in TC
    • New on/off sounds for a bunch of deployables
    • New active/burning loops for a bunch of deployables
    • New searchlight movement sounds
    • New open/close sounds for a few deployables
    • New Junkyard monument
    • New procedural roads art
    • Brought back old caves (Hapis)
    • Added "Pumping station" and "Abandoned Boat" loot areas (Hapis)
    • Added Launch Site (Hapis)
    • Added Ice sheets and Icebergs (Hapis)
    • Added new static quarrys (Hapis)
    • Foundations can now be placed at a half height offset
    • Added half height walls
    • Fixed various wall stacking exploits
    • Roofs occupy wall sockets and can no longer be used as honeycombs
    • Building privilege is emitted by the entire building
    • There can only be one tool cupboard per building
    • New monument placement algorithm
    • Procedural roads now connect to monument roads
    • Print last placement error in chat when pressing LMB while placement guide is red
    • New power line placement algorithm
    • Tool cupboard can store upkeep resources
    • Fixes to older radtowns (Hapis)
    • Fixes to loot and ore scarcity (Hapis)
    • Monument chainlink fences can be shot through
    • Roads are no longer split in half by rivers
    • Fixed gaps between roads and terrain
    • Fixed roads sometimes being partially flooded
    • Fixed hammer highlight on wooden triangle foundations
    • Fixed weird camera movement when jumping introduced last patch
    • Small Furnace Art Updated
    • Complete rework of site A (Hapis)
    • Moved Site B to east coast (Hapis)
    • Reduced size of arctic biome slightly
    • Increased size of arid biome slightly
    • Health bars are only visible when damaged or holding a hammer
    • Grenades inherit player movement velocity
    • F1 grenade has larger blast radius
    • Dropbox is now Tier 1 WB
    • Stone Spear no longer requires WB
    • Experimentation at WB1 costs 75 scrap instead of 100
    • Armored building tier costs 25 hqm and no wood/stone
    • Armored doors have had their costs reduced accordingly
  2. The server is up to date.
    RAW-n-Rusty! wipe 12/7: PVP
    It is a low to no pop right now though. If you plan on spending any time on there let me know and we will get you set up with admin and such.
  3. admin would be great thanks. i also will be getting with SolidFlip about Setting up and "modding" the server
  4. Also The Rust Server Is Currently Down.
  5. I got it. I guess it was a windows update.
  6. Someone needs to set it up so it comes back up automatically after reboot or crash. Also disable windows updates.