New season, New operators, New map, Reworks

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  1. Gridlock : ATTACK


    Working in the SASR’s Mobility Troop Gridlock devised the Trax Stingers. A variation of road spikes, they aren’t just about stopping vehicles. Trax's design is a portable version that when activated, deploys a hexagonal cluster of spikes. These Trax Stingers cover uneven ground better than a straight mat. Once deployed they can replicate and spread out over a large area. This feature, unique for an Attacker, enables them to use the Trax as an obstacle to reshape the map and control an area. Effects on the enemy include slowing them down and causing damage when stepped on. Trax Stingers will be destroyed when shot or dealt impact or thermal damage.

    Mozzie : DEFENSE

    Mozzie’s Launcher is like no other. Pests are tiny 4-legged bots that can be used to target a single drone, or deployed into an area to prevent access by a drone. When launched, the Pest latches onto the nearest enemy drone and obscures its camera. It then initiates an override sequence to hack the drone and give control to Mozzie. Counter-intelligence is enabled with no risk of a counter hack. Single-use only, Pests self-destruct by dissolving into thin air once their target is in Mozzie’s control.
    Attackers are notified when their drones are nearing a deployed Pest. Once aware of the Pest, Attackers need to think carefully: should they risk giving their drone to Defenders, or retreat and lose potential intel?

    Welcome to the Outback! This map kicks dust in your eyes in its homage to all the lonely service stations and motels along the forgotten highways that cross Australia’s desert. Fan favourites Oregon and Clubhouse were the inspiration when designing the 21st map of the game.

    The map is divided into three distinct sections – the Garage, the Motel, and the Restaurant – with much effort put into ensuring each section is recognisable, even from a distance.

    The focus returns to a style of gameplay that players have enjoyed in the past. There’s only one door between each of the sections but roamers can create new paths by destroying walls, and there’s always the option of changing floors as a flanking strategy. It’s a medium-sized map, so players won’t need to go far to find alternative routes. Packed with twists, turns, and Australiana, Outback is filled with unexpected corners and souvenirs from the Great Southern Land.

    New Game Mode

    I dont think this will affect most of our guys to much as you have to be below level 50 to get into it from what I can tell but this does mean for anyone wanting to pick up the game you can play others that are also starting out, but be careful about that as the only way to get better is to get curbed stomped a few times so you figure out what your doing.
    The Rainbow Six Siege team is releasing a new Newcomer playlist and offering updates to the Casual playlist.

    First off, we are releasing a new multiplayer playlist for players under level 50, called the Newcomer playlist, to help them learn the basics of Rainbow Six Siege. They will play the Bomb mode of classic maps most representative of the game’s core gameplay, namely Chalet, Bank, and Consulate. Attackers will vote for a team spawn point while on the Defenders' side, the bomb sites will be automatically pre-selected by the game.

    The Casual playlist will now improve the flow between the Newcomer and Ranked playlists. There are three key updates. First, the Defenders will know which bomb sites are selected before choosing their Operator. Second, the Attackers will now choose their individual spawn points. Third, the Action phase now lasts 3:30, allowing for an intermediary step between Newcomer and Ranked.

    Finally, in order to stabilise the Ranked gameplay experience, the required minimum level has been raised to 30. This is meant to encourage beginners to take their time and learn the game before engaging in Ranked play.

    Balance Changes

    • Removed ACOG from R4-C
    • Reducing Gu Mine damage per tick from 8 to 4
    • Increase swap time between SURI Torch and weapons
    • After 18 seconds, phone calls from Dokkaebi will hang up on their own
    • Being in range of Mute jammers will prevent Dokkaebi from calling you
    • Walking into range of Mute jammers will hang up phone calls during the call
    • Increasing area of effect size
    • Reducing damage per tick from 19 to 12
    • Removing Muzzle Brake on Machine Pistol
    Looks like several nerfs with hard hitting ones especially to Ash, Lesion, and Dokkaebi.
    While Ash will be losing her R4-C acog there is no mention of taking it off the G36C so I predict a major increase in its use.
    • Deployment animation is much faster
    • Damage on Attacker’s side is reduced from 150 to 50
    • Damage area of effect on Defender side is increased
    • Lethal damage area of effect on Defender side is reduced
    We wanted to make the breach charge safer and more comfortable for the attackers to use.

    We have identified a way to have a substantial impact on the viability of spamming crouch and lean commands. Currently, player animations allow players to snap from left to right lean, as well as crouching, without going through the full animation for that action. We will deploy a fix that prevents this from being exploitable in Y4S1.

    We will continue to monitor the situation following the deployment of this fix, and take necessary steps should it not have the desired outcome.

    Further information can be found on the R6 Website linked below.
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