Ping based Matchmaking

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  1. Hello players,

    As announced earlier, PUBG will be separating the matching queues based on ping to improve the user experience and increase server stability.
    This has already been implemented on the live servers, and we would like to provide answers to some potential questions you might have.

    What exactly is the separation of matching queues based on ping?
    Players with lower pings will be prioritized during matchmaking. As a result, players with similar pings will be matched together.

    Can I form a party or play with players in different regions?
    You can still form a party or play with players from other regions. Separating matching pool will not stop or cause an issue with starting a match.

    What are the criteria for matchmaking when playing in a team with players from different regions?
    The team will be matched based on the player with the highest ping in the party, ie, the player with the worst connection.

    What about random matching for duos and squads?
    When forming a team with random players, you will be matched with players with similar pings.

    The following servers are recommended for each region. There may be differences depending on exact physical location or line condition.

    Region Recommended server
    China AS, SEA
    Korea, Japan AS, SEA, KRJP
    Europe EU, NA, OC, SA, SEA
    Russia EU, NA
    Oceania AS, OC, SEA
    North America, South America NA, SA
    Southeast Asia AS, SEA
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  2. Closest to a region lock that we'll get. I've won many chicken dinners since they implemented this, many more than the last month combined.
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  3. Glad to hear. I haven't played too much but one thing I have noticed immediately was a smoother game play! Finally moving in the right direction (for now). Lets see if Bluehole can keep this momentum going forward.
  4. it also gives hope for AiR, maybe they can optimize that too lol
  5. last 2 games chicken dinner and 2nd place.... Big difference, and i have noticed my netcode isnt as bad. I can actually hit people.
  6. ive noticed people i play against can hit me more too