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  1. Anyone here besides myself feel ostracized when playing PubG? I realize 4 man squads tends to exacerbate cliques but we can control it to some point. As a member I should feel like I'm apart of a team but many times I find myself alone in a LFG channel even after two squad channels had just filled up, most of them leaders and in many circumstances my squad leader. I understand we all have certain friends we'd rather have by our side in a fight but shouldn't we be all inclusive. I've even seen on numerous occasions where prospects are playing by themselves in channel while recruitment officers are cliqued up in another channel. If we want people to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves then we need to engage them in the name of teamwork despite what divides us. That's the hallmark of good leadership.
  2. We are a community. You are right, we should not have cliques and everyone should feel welcome to play with others.

    It's a hard balance though. People are going to have friends that they want to play with and with such small teams it makes it hard to bring in others. We can't force members to play with other members BUT you should feel welcomed to and comfortable enough to jump in to a random squad channel if you see they are down a man.

    If you don't feel comfortable enough to jump into a random channel due to the actions of another member then that is a big issue and needs to be brought to the attention of command.

    I'll be discussing with my recruiting staff about reaching to members and non-members especially to join up.

    Thanks for voicing your concerns. We can't fix issues we don't know exist.
  3. good point....
  4. Hey Oma,

    Thank you for letting us know of this issue. We strive to make sure everyone feels that rTr is a place where they can be at home and will see if there is anything we can do to fix this problem. While i personally dont play PUBG very much i will get with the leadership of that game to figure out a game plan.
  5. Peoples play styles dont always mesh very well. I typically stick to some of the same people because when the shooting starts I know exactly how they are going to react, and know exactly where they are going to be. I've seen some people play the game and make it all about them, when in reality its a squad game and sometimes just because you have an 8x, doesnt mean you are the right person or have the right gun for it.
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  6. i'd like to echo appreciation for voicing concern, OMA. thx.

    esp if you're in a leadership role, flexibility in who you team with & how you fit those peep's playstyle should be something to strive for & work on. i know it can be frustrating if a pubbie or low-level member is playing to win, yet has some bad habits non-conducive to the goal or just has a 'tude that grinds on ya. hell, playing to win (or in my case, learn) with Solid was challenge lol ...but it's just a different type of "good times" if i'm honest. i have my fav's too, & i know there are members who didn't like playing with me (whatever their reasons) - door stays open tho.

    "a part of something bigger than themselves" is a great phrase that i think applies both ways, not just to pubbies, recruits or newer members.

    (@Nulli172 i'd like to sit-in for your discussions with staff - just to be informed)
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  7. Thx for the feedback guys, just know Im not trying to call out any group here, just incase someone reading my post might be thinking that. Im only giving my perspective. Hope to cya on the battlefield!!
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  8. I remember when we were playing a prospect I was kicked from squad, often with no notice...and when I have given notice to people before I have had to kick them from squad, I was told that I certainly dont need to...Yeah, I dont *need* to, but it is the courteous thing to do.
  9. That is true.... I have been kicked out of squads in BF4 many times...