PUBG Stunt show contest. And your winner is?

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  1. First of all, we cant thank =rTr= TheDrilOne enough for his creativity and passion for PUBG that really was the tip of the spear for this contest. Thanks to the PUBG team for your continued effort and finally thank you to the =rTr= Community for your continued support of the PUBG team!

    So your Third place winner who will recieve a $10.00 Steam gift card is =rTr= Deiselfuel2o2 for this epic (John wick Influenced) video:

    Second place winner who will receive a $25.00 Steam gift card is =rTr= Kenny with this dime that was produced by Michael Bay :)

    And the Winner. Proud new owner of the PUBG Stunt show trophy AND a $25.00 gift card is....... THE =rTr= DrTeaMac!!!

    Again, congrats to everyone who participated and please stay tuned for future PUBG posts. We have many, MANY more contests coming your way!
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  2. Thanks Foo and Dril for hosting this awesome contest! Super cools of you guys!
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  3. Congrats everyone!
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  4. Epic videos! Grats on the trophy TeaMac
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  5. Aw yeah, I am pumped! Can't wait to put that badass trophy on display! Thanks for putting on the contest, had a blast trying to come up with the perfect "stunt"!
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  6. Wait i have to give it up? Foo you said I won....
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  7. Just send him a picture of it
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