PU's Battleground videos!

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  1. Winning in Duo's with Diesel.

  2. This one wont show
  3. When you try to run someone over and they get stuck on the hood of your car. New hood ornament?

  4. Looks like fun but this game sucks ass. All I ever get when trying to play a match is connection lost..
  5. Got my first solo win. Was really just screwing around while half watching a show. Ended up jumping in some random location with NOTHING. Spent the first two circles just trying to find gear. Only found a Level 1 helmet and vest, level 2 backpack, SKS, UZI, 4X. Somehow ended up in the right spot at every turn.

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  6. Crazyness with Myself, Deiselfuel, and TwoSockZ

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  7. Another win in Squad, but this time everyone in the squad survives!


  8. I don't need no helmet to win this!
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  9. Played with effect
  10. Squad win with Effect and Boogy.