PU's Battleground videos!

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  1. Just like real life! I believe those trucks/broncos were prone for rollovers anyway right?

    btw that roadkill looked like a scene out of a movie, lol.
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  2. Fucking terrible driver
  3. Super Hero Landing
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  4. Thanks Miikee!

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  5. The Escape of the Century
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  6. I had no business being alive, TwosockZ finished with 8 kills. My heart was racing at the end of this.

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  7. @Operationurmom, that guy you dropped on your way down the hill, his name was "cawcawpeepee"...lol
  8. Clip from last night. 4 dudes all looking at me. Winchester puts in some serious work. Didn't like it at first but man, it drops people quick!

  9. Yeah I bet you would like 4 dudes looking at you while you play with your Winchester.
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