PU's Battleground videos!

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  1. Fucked this squad up...

  2. I love the Uzi
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  3. Hilarious teamkill!

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  4. started a lil series following highlights of my 1st 200hrs of PUBG as a way to kinda document my progression (if there is any, lol). going to do the same for Trio, Duo, & Solo gameplay. not looking for youtube fame, but def lookin to get better at editing (& the game of course), so feedback is much appreciated!

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  5. the editing software has a known issue with ShadowPlay's audio...trying to fix it...

    Squads Ep.2
  6. New video up for the first time in a while. This was our second win in a row. Almost perfect execution but still enough to snatch the win!

  7. Bored and decided to play the bait game:

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