Ragnarok - Map Expansion - VOTE!

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Do you want to try Ragnarok Mod?

Poll closed Jul 1, 2017.
  1. Yes - Lets do it! (Ragnarok)

  2. No - I Like The Island Map

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  3. No - I Like The Center Map

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  4. No - I am a hater

  5. No - I like some other map (comment below)

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  1. Hey guys-

    I wanted to see what interest we had to try a new map expansion for ark? I would like to hear from current and interested players if you would like to see us put this mod on our server?

    Let me know by voting!

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  2. id love to check it out!

    then again it has a vast ocean for my PvE pussy self to hide in so.... lol
  3. let's just wipe and see how many players we can get to play the new map and if it does not work out put it back to the way it was
  4. Updated to Ragnarok Today