Razer KB/Mouse, TP-Link WiFi

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  1. on Saturday i bought some 1yr old hardware from a guy with a newborn who subsequently seldom got to even touch the PC (...among the many reasons i don't spawn the lil bastards myself). if i could afford it, i'd just send the bits i don't need to whomever is hurtin for parts. unfortunately, i'm one of the many hurtin for funds all the time (hence the used Craigslist surfing) & still need to get the case/fans/rad i've been eyeballin... so i bought this stuff knowing it was too much to spend & i'd need to recoup some of it. halp! :D

    figured i'd offer to you good peeps before the unwashed masses & scam bots next weekend.

    Razer BlackWidow X Tournament Edition Chroma
    in box, all accessories, no wear. seems to bounce around between $150-175 ...asking $90 $75 shipped

    Razer Naga Chroma
    in box, all accessories, no wear. consistently $60-ish ...asking $35 $25 shipped

    TP-Link AC1300 WiFi PCI-Express Wireless Network Card (Archer T6E)
    usually $45-50 ...asking $20 $15 shipped

    this stuff looks flawless & all worked when i went to buy it. also got a NZXT s340 case & TT 850w PSU, but prolly not worth it to ship due to size/weight.
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  2. no bites? adjusted asking prices - going on ebay soon as i'm not lazy...
  3. I really want to buy that stuff off you as im using a logitech roller ball mouse and an old dell keyboard I found in a box while moving. But, im short this month and bills :( if its still around (I hope you sell it soon) then Ill bite.
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