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  1. So, for a long time i held of on using "reshade" because i didn't think it would help.. i was wrong.. it does help and i can tell the difference. However, some people want the game to be super bright, i don't so i made sure to only make my colors pop a little more then usual. This is all person preference once it's installed. It supports quite a few games and completely legit, what i mean by that is you will not get banned for using it.


    Here is a great video showing it and explaining how to use it.. remember color settings are personal preference. I like the extra sharpening... also, this isn't the same thing as "digital vibrance"

  2. it works good on my 770
  3. Do you think it helps? With seeing people at the sacrifice of a few frames? I believe it does/has helped me.
  4. havent played yet but the lobby looks sharper and brighter.
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  5. I am really happy I slapped on reshade...toggling between the two is like going from a 1950's scene to modern day lol. The color pop of players against walls now is much better.

    edit: only downside I have found is the sunset while your in a is so bright lol. Toggling makes it feel like you put on sunglasses though haha
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  6. Glad to hear it, just some tweaking and tunning and you won't need sunglasses =D but I do agree the toggling is nice.
  7. I'm going to turn on sharpness tonight, see if that changes things. Using just what the guy uses in the video, I didn't see much change in fps but I also run everything at very low with a gtx1070. If you play at Ultra, you're at a disadvantage.