Rising Storm 2 Changes/Milestone Jan 16

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What would you like to see next month?

  1. RTR Flex Event Feb

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  2. New Custom Maps

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  3. I have suggestions and I will notify Warhouse about them.

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    There has been some small changes this past week in the Rising Storm servers. I will be posting once a week (as long as their is stuff to report) about the servers and any potential changes that are coming.

    Currently we are down to Two Rising Storm servers, #3 was shut down to make room for more games. It is going to make work easier for us. I have been having problem since day one, and now i can concentrate on Servers #1 and #2! Which with every portion of bad news comes good news, Currently our #1 server is Ranked #11 and our #2 server ranked #5! With this being said, I want to Thank Sym, and all the dedicated players to our server for helping us achieve this goal. My next goal for the server is keep the servers with in the top 10 for the next coming month along with increase our membership recruitment.

    As of right now we have one going through the recruiting process, I am going to set a goal for the end of the month to gain 1-2 more recruits. We have a well known name and people love our servers. An Right to Rebel Event has been discussed with a few people and I think it would be a great addition to Rising Storm.

    This event is not set in stone (Since i am in Germany it will be difficult.) but i am trying to look into getting at least 10 RTR members into Rising Storm playing matches for a few hours to "Flex" our members. Get a Squad of friends or even squad up with Pubbies, the goal is to spark more interest into Rising Storm Recruitment. I will be making a post in the coming days with the 5 W's pertaining to this event.

    My month of January goal overview
    2-3 Recruits (Currently at 1)
    All Servers on Top 10 List (1/2)

    If anyone has any comments or suggestions please message me on discord, comment here, or bring it up to me any way you can. I want everyone to be 100% satisfied with our RS2 Servers, it would be a great help to direct people straight to me on discord I get discord messages on my phone.

    Happy Hunting!
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