=rTr= BF4 #1 server closed

Discussion in 'Battlefield 4' started by Sym-5150-, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. I understand that TIME is a huge commodity but OVH seems to be a much easier company to deal with. They also offer servers that no other provider offers when it comes to OC'd consumer based CPU's that conduct gaming tasks much better than their Xeon counterparts. The fact that you can lease a server that is based on a 7700k and overclocked to 5ghz(stock clock is 4.2ghz) is something I've never heard of until seeing their services. Its unfortunate to see that someone like NFO is still having basic issues with communication.

    You gentlemen are too kind. My comms would have a "what the fuck is going on here" somewhere in that conversation.
  2. They hold our GUID's hostage, the only reasons we're still there.
  3. And that's shit business practices but doesn't sound like we have much in the way of choices of change when our GUID's are held hostage. Do they hold the rights to the GUID or do we have a say on whether or not we can take it elsewhere? I don't know the meaning behind whether or not its their property or not. Are GUID's tied to one IP and thats it?