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  1. Hey yall,

    So its about that time, i need a new vehicle. My old car is dying and i honestly dont want to repair it (it was my ex-wifes and i kinda hate it) Of course i know a little about cars but was wondering if anyone here has some advice.

    So my main things are Gas mileage and safety. So i was thinking civic or accord. Anyone own one of these (or something they would recommend) and have some advice?
  2. Don't forget the Toyota Corolla and stay away from Nissan. I've heard enough good things about Hyundai I was also conciser them.
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  3. Yeah looks like they are all around the same price for the accord/civic/carolla.

    Im looking to get a newer one sometime in either november or december, maybe for my birthday

    though i tell you what... part of me wants to go hybrid for the gas mileage, but im not sure they would last a long time.....
  4. I've owned two civics in my lifetime. The only work I've ever had to do was brakes/oilchange/tires. They are good value vehicles with solid gas mileage.

    Hybrids aren't holding up long term compared to standard gas models. Also, you break something in a hybrid, hope it's not part of the electrical system. It gets expensive, very fast. And to clarify, the newer hybrids are lasting longer than the older tech models. In 10 years, Hybrids will probably last just as long as anything else, but since it's the first couple generations that are aging now, it's tough to get a good bead on it.

    Also, Hondas carry their value better than most vehicles. I've been able to trade in Hondas (wife has had 2 now too) that have retained much of their value.

    I drive a civic, she drives a CRV. Both are good vehicles, no complaints.
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