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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Solidflip, Oct 15, 2019.

  1. SO uh...can you fit a rear facing carseat in the back seat easily and still have room in the front :D
  2. Yep, i have a carseat in the middle seat and still have room to sit next to it. also the seat doesnt push into the front like some cars
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  3. Going shopping tomorrow. There's a 2019 model with 5 miles on it at the dealership.

    I'm probably going to pick it up providing they give me a decent trade in on my current civic.
  4. i didnt get the 2019 as it didnt come with android auto standard, but it si a good model
  5. I ended up with a 2020 Hatchback EX in lunar silver. I wanted the blue but apparently that's a special order in my area and I needed the car sooner than they could make the blue possible.

    I think the only real differences are you have a more powerful engine, and I ended up with a sunroof and heated seats and this weird lane assist thing that tells me I can't drive in the other lane for some reason.
  6. Either way - I'm loving it. Honda doing the lord's work.
  7. dude the lane assist is awesome, it will turn for you on shallow turns lol. also the cruise control will follow a car in front of you and stay 1 car length behind when youre feeling lazy. ive tried it and if the front car comes to a stop so will you. cray cray
  8. Yep - this was not explained to me by the dealer very well. I was then driving with my cruise control and noticed I was doing 5 under what I had my cruise control set to. Then I changed lanes out from behind a vehicle and it sped up. Very neat concept that I think will be great for long drives. And the lane assist...it's...almost scary. I like how it flashes "Needs steering assistance" if you don't do anything with the steering wheel for a while.

    I made the mistake of driving a Touring version at the dealership. I couldn't talk my wife into another 8ish grand though. Looking at the honda website and "building" your own, there's tons of LED light things and other neat aesthetic stuff to go with if you have money to burn.

    Again though, I'm loving it. And you were right about the car seat thing. I can now sit comfortably without my kids car seat getting pushed on which is fantastic.
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