Rules for ARMA 3 KOTH Servers

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  1. The rules and guidelines provided are subject to change at anytime. Any admins working within the server will be required to be familiar with these rules and guidelines.

    R01: No cheating, hacking, exploiting glitches, teleporting, and duping items. You will be kicked or banned for trying.

    R02: No spamming of text chat or voice communications. SIDE CHAT IS FOR RELAYING TACTICAL INFORMATION ONLY. If you would like to carry on a conversation about topics not related to tactical information, please create a group and use group chat.

    R03: No racist, sexist, homophobic, or xenophobic language will be tolerated. Swearing is allowed, until it begins to disturb the server.

    R04: Do not ram friendly helicopters, trucks, etc. NO WARNINGS WILL BE GIVEN.

    R05: No spawn Camping or killing enemies above or around spawn, 500M min distance from enemy spawn.

    R06: No recruiting for other servers or communities. THIS INCLUDES OTHER TEAMSPEAK AND DISCORD CHANNELS. The official KOTH discord and rTr TeamSpeak are the only exceptions. NO WARNING WILL BE GIVEN.

    R07: Intentional Team killing or repeated team killing will result in a kick, then a ban.

    R08: Damaging friendly vehicles is not tolerated, do not shoot at incoming friendly helicopters or outgoing friendly vehicles from spawn.

    R09: Any other behavior or actions deemed disruptive to the server by our admins will not be tolerated.

    R10: ADMIN ACTIONS WILL NOT BE DISCUSSED IN GAME. DOING SO WILL CAUSE YOU TO BE REMOVED FROM THE SERVER FOR THE CURRENT ROUND OR LONGER. ABUSING OUR ADMINS WILL RESULT IN AN AUTOMATIC BAN. Admins and Mods will not abuse their powers. If you witness any abuse, please file a complaint on our website at
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