Season 4 Ending: Time for rTr OverWatch Event!

Discussion in 'Overwatch' started by Solidflip, May 9, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone, big daddy Jeff has stated on the OverWatch forums that season 4 will be ending close towards the end of May. Competitive Season 5 starts June 1st so its time for another rTr Overwatch Event!

    So this time its up to you all. Do you want to do a 1v1 Tournament again? Or perhaps another rTr v rTr Mystery Heros? Post your ideas and lets get this ball rolling. Also we will be posting a ranking of all rTr members who play OverWatch to see how we all settled in this season!
  2. I enjoyed the watching the tournament you guys had... I want to see Solid vs the world!
  3. If we had enough people we could have team captains and do a competitive style round on Numbani or Eichenwalde.
  4. Hm.. I'd like to do a 1v1 tourney, but the rules last time were pretty clunky.

    Also, I've not played with many rTr folk on OW, but Solid, Prae, and I can form a pretty solid nucleus (though my skill cap is ~2000, high silver/low gold). =(
  5. im up for anything but mystery adds some chance to the game.
  6. 1v1 mystery or 3v3 would be nice too