So I built a new computer with the help of Army

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  1. MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon ATX LGA1151 Mobo
    i5 8600K 3.6ghz 6-Core Processor
    16gb DDR4 Ram
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU cooler
    EVGA GTX 1060 3gb Video Card
    SeaSonic 650W 80 Plus Gold

    Thanks alot for the help @Army126

  2. Looks good! That LED is fucking bright!
  3. [​IMG]

    i decided to reposition the LED much better
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  4. Is the rear case fan an intake or exhaust? Not sure if the fan setup for the CPU cooler is ideal since I believe the default fan for the 212 is a pull config mount
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  5. grats on the new rig! lighting does look better in the 2nd shot.

    Killer is right... the rear fan is exh & it looks like i see the crossbrace/motor mount of the Hyper fan against the fins, which means the 2 fans are fighting each other. i'd swap the fan around to the front of the Hyper & push air through - it'll cool the VRMs & even your RAM far better that way too. can't see the top fans, but just in case...they should be mounted as exh like the rear fan. due to the solid panels & glass/plexi, might want a 2nd intake fan up front - esp cause those types of cases restrict direct airflow by about 30% just from forcing the air to make a 90 degree turn to enter the fan. the cost of "beauty"!

    surprised ya went with the 3gb card, but they are all way too expensive right now, so i can understand.
  6. I wrote up something similar to what Ivan wrote but never posted it

    I spoke to him this afternoon, he switched it up. Idle temps dropped 4 degrees after the change. He said temps during gaming were in the 50-60's(they should change with the new fan placement); which is is more than fine.

    Only suggestions I have left are the cable management thingy and jumping into the BIOS to turn on the XMP profile for your RAM. Other than those things, you're good to go sir.
  7. Holy shit crush has single to go packets? How did I not know this!? also nice PC and balisong :)