Sup all, Argentina present!!

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  1. Hi guys and girls, know the clan for a long time and i being jumping on discord to get to know you guys a little more, who knows maybe even to join the group.
    A little about me, Art Director at a Brewery (Ogham Cerveza Artesanal) here in my city...yes i drink at work not all days but there is something around to for the job ;)
    I got one baby girl and a wife still ...mostly game at night because of real life ...that annoying thing.

    So i hope to get to know you guys more.

    Cya around!
  2. Welcome! Thanks for stopping by!
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  3. would love to have you join us marple. Welcome to the forums =)
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  4. What Games do you play?
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  5. Battlefield franchise mostly, some Arma 3 in the past, Ghost Recon, The division but i keep behind my friends so it was a pain in the ars to level up...that line of gaming.
  6. Welcome Marpla.
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  7. have you tried world war 3 yet? youd probably love it