The Forest

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  1. Greetings. The Forest is a survival/WTF crafting-fight mutants and save your son game.

    Anyways.... I have a 10 man private server. Not much to do right now other than sharpen your fighting skills because come Monday, there will be a game altering patch that will require a wipe. Regardless, the server will still be up and I am offering it to my fellow members. One thing to point out is this will be for members/friends of members only as of now so the server will require a password. Also, respect someones building location/property in-game please. Thanks and enjoy!

    Server name: #Getsome FooTheBoss welcomes you!
    Password: righttorebel
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  2. Does the new patch include vr mode?
  3. Im not sure. I can look in to it.
  4. I will check it out. The size of the update will determine when lol. Thanks Foo
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  5. ITS HERE!!!
    A few quick things
    o The server is going to stay private. Consider this a fun little server to get together on and help each other out. If you have friends that want to join, please let them at your own discretion.
    o We are all Members and Adults. Please do not destroy bases, grief bases or troll bases. I for one like building solo however others like to build in groups. Please respect that choice.
    o Do not steal other peoples gear/weapons and so on. The server is very basic and I cant just magically spawn a specific weapon to replace something.
    o HAVE FUN!
    Anyways, I just updated the Server with the fresh install of the recent patch. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to rescuing Timmy with you all!
    Server name: #Getsome FooTheBoss welcomes you!
    Password: righttorebel

    And for those of you who care, here are the recent patch notes.

    Hey Everyone,

    This Update adds new buildables, some new caves to find those buildables in, a new weapon type, two new late game creatures, and a ton more. If you’ve completed the alternate ending you’ll also find some new decorative buildables available in your survival book.

    We’ve also improved some of the games visuals, including the large lake in the middle of the world, tweaked the look of our ambient occlusion to detail shade things further back, improved shadow distance rendering and also improved the look of tree textures and the distant billboards. Along with this there are new volumetric clouds (can be toggled off if you prefer the old looking clouds) Improved underwater rendering including new caustic effects and lots more.

    To help stop cheating in multiplayer, we removed exploits that would allow players to simulate damage on other players or instant kill them using cheats. We also fixed exploits with our building system that could allow players to damage buildings with cheats even if building destruction was set to off. We also fixed an issue where players could pretend to be other players in chat. In addition to this, you can now kick and ban any player in your server, even if they have made themselves invisible.

    PS4 version of this patch is in process of being submitted and should release later this afternoon. We will do a separate post once it is ready.

    PC v1.10 changelog:

    -New weapon added: Crossbow and crossbow bolts

    -8 New structures added (removed names to avoid spoiling surprises)

    -New buildable item: hang glider

    -New creature type added

    -Added fuel gauge to chainsaw and removed UI fuel bar

    -Added throw away animation to hairspray when empty and removed UI fuel bar

    -Overworld map now includes mountain area in the far north and improved how many functions

    -(multiplayer) Fixed case where host would not be able to kick or ban cheating players

    -(multiplayer) Fixed cases of players names not being visible to host

    -(multiplayer) Fixed case where clients could instant kill other players using mods

    -(multiplayer) Fixed cases of players being able to damage other players buildings using cheats even if building destruction was set to off

    -Fixed one maple tree type not reacting to explosives unless player was extremely close

    -Fixed several cases of sunlight leaking into caves when it shouldn’t

    -(multiplayer)Fixed case where other players could appear locked in place after being revived

    -Fixed overly dark small red plant when ambient occlusion was enabled

    -Fixed some tabs in survival book having strange subtle pattern on them in some lighting

    -Fixed excess dropped head bombs still ticking/light flashing as if they were about to explode

    -New art for headbomb

    -(multiplayer) Fixed loading icon getting stuck on screen after dying while entering a swim cave

    -Fixed log sleds flying away when loading a save game with bodies stored in the sled

    -(multiplayer) fixed end boss charge animation missing for clients

    -Fixed fire damage audio getting stuck on sometimes when killing end boss

    -(multiplayer) Fixed enemies not always reacting to hits with shorter weapons as client

    -(multiplayer) Fixed clients unable to walk through destroyed chunks of foundation walls

    -Caves - fixed hole in cave 3

    -Caves - fixed hole in cave 6

    -Fixed paper money in inventory having wrong texture when sheen effect was visible

    -Fixed missing audio when hovering aloe, and stick bag in inventory

    -Fixed dropped arm using different model than held arm

    -Updated dead tree bark texture

    -Updated spec passes on some plants

    -Fixed frost screen not lined up

    -Darkened blood screen

    -Removed bobbles from plant 19

    -Added in new volumetric clouds option

    -Improved look of tree billboards

    -Improved performance and lighting of end sting scene

    -Improved look of large lake in middle of world

    -New underwater fog and caustic effects

    -Smoother light flicker on lighter

    -Fixed small area near yacht where ocean could be seen through

    -New reflection without player in cave water

    -Fixed underwater cave icons blurry

    -Optimized cpu usage on fire warmth system
  6. Hello all. I am going to take the Server down on the 30th of December. I think that should be plenty of time to get to the end game. if you need help or want to get rushed through hit me up :D