To Core i9, or not to Core I9?

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  1. Early rumors are showing the i3's being 4 cores with hyperthreading and i5's are going to be 6 core with no hyperthreading. They will have to change up pricing. THIS is what I've been waiting for. If I can nab an unlocked i5 with 6 cores for around $2-250, it would be fantastic...
  2. So, if we assume that prices will be competitive, i3 will be a powerhouse as its taking the current i7-7700k's cores and threads. Definite game changers if the prices are competitive.
  3. 30%.. HAHAHA... its only 15%.. and that is only on sysmark.. !! Remember when Kaby lake was suppose to be 15% faster than Skylake.. and it wasnt.. 8000 series is just a refresh again, with 6 core being offered non HEDT lineup.. but will still bring a heft price.. $ 350+


    If the i3 is priced at or around $200.. then AMD has succeeded in creating competition again..

    and still only 16 PCIe Lanes.. WTF Intel..
  4. I think this is all market based "sandbagging." I assume Intel has product on the shelf that is years ahead of "public release" timeframe. Any company with the R&D budget of an Intel, has their prototypes on the shelf that we would find amazing, but it's marketing(consumer demand), competitive intelligence and shareholder value that determine what we get out of Intel, and 'when'. I root for AMD as well, just because they could force Intel's hand to release the next big thing. Just my 2 cents. Can ya'll get back to the PC mag discussion I was enjoying now. Thanks.
  5. [​IMG]

    I saw this and couldnt resist..
  6. "Wealthy"

    "Spends saved money on stronger CPU"

    *Takes 7 years to release a new chip*

    *Had to sell enough consoles to pay for the PC lineup*

    I predict that i3 will be $150, i5 $200, i7 $300.

    Right now, 7700k is trading blows with AMD's 6 cores. When Intel brings their 6 cores to the mainstream, AMD will quietly move back to second place with the PEASANTS...
  7. Well, this has been quite entertaining and informative. Still not going to get one, not for a little while anyway.
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  8. If intel drops ther 4c/8t cpu to $150.. then it proves they have been milking thier customers for years... which is probably why its on an 1151 socket, with a different chip set, so you cant use it on a 100 series or 200 series.. still have to make them buy yet another damn motherboard.
  9. You cant hold them to that standard just because AMD used the same chipset for 7 years. You could also say the same about AMD milking their customers with garbage CPUs like the 9590 and high prices.