Upgrade time, need advice

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by linkshinter, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. I get to upgrade some stuff on my computer this year. I'm completely out of the loop on what's standard/good etc...

    These are my main components for performance that I'm running right now. What I need to know is what do you guys suggest I upgrade. I usually do mobo/memory/processor at once, and do the video card on its own at a later time. At one time, it was a group 1 year, then group 2 year, then group 1 year etc so I could flip and or flop back and forth and keep myself playing the more recent games at higher settings but new kid, and a lack of good games coming out (it's been a legit rough couple years as we all know) have made me fall out of the pattern.




    video card

    So what I'm asking is, what should I upgrade this time round? I haven't made a meaningful upgrade in what will be 3 years so which will be more bang for my buck on these. I do not have limitless funds so a founder edition of anything is out of the question, but I can buy a 300ish card or components or etc... and not get divorced unceremoniously.

    The games I want to be playing this coming 2 years or so are Doom, Cyberpunk and Mechwarrior. So I guess that's where I want to be component wise.

    Any help will be appreciated.
  2. So we have relatively similar core parts. I've been thinking of upgrading, but mostly just cause. Unless you are having issues running games, I haven't come across anything over the past few years really stressing my system. I've done a few small upgrades like a Corsair H115i Pro All in One liquid cooler, some maglev fans, i bought a 1440p 144 hz monitor recently, and I just bought a new mouse and a 1TB Nvme drive. Have you considered doing something similar? I'm thinking of a new graphics card in the next 6 months, but so far havent seen a need for a full upgrade yet.
  3. I'm set hard drive wise.
    Monitors I'm set too.

    Beyond that, I just don't know. I'm hoping they release something new this fall that drives prices down but I haven't seen anything that is even being hinted at.