Why we havent got the update

Discussion in 'Playerunknown Battlegrounds' started by CancerousSunChip, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. So this is my theory.
    PlayerUnknowns dev team is in Korea. Donald Trump just went to Korea. I think old Donny there pissed PlayerUnknown off and he's like "nah you guys aint gettin no damn update."

    For real though, wtf is going on. Been waiting on climbing and vaulting for 2-3 weeks now. Is launch gonna get delayed like this?
  2. I'd rather the devs continue to be this transparent and push things back a bit to ensure success than deal with a broken ass system that was rushed to release. I appreciate that they'e been forthcoming about issues and plans. It's refreshing compared to AAA monster publishers that force garbage releases, ignore customer complaints, and refuse to acknowledge any issues with a product.