Worth the upgrade?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by DrilOne, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. A Intel i5-4670k CPU (Quad core) plus memory and PS is on sale for $30 locally Is it a lot faster then my i7-950? Motherboard is not working so i would have to buy another.
  2. I think some potatoes daisy chained together would be faster than the 950
  3. the prospect of buyin a Z87 mobo for the i5 is the hinge for me, as the value becomes really thin if you can only find one new. it'd def game faster tho... maybe someone here has a decent mobo to donate? you're on my list for Kenny's re-gifted GTX970 once i can afford a replacement.
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  4. ya, that's a good mobo. i'd offer like $35 tho, cause even my DDR4 Maximus that was once a $260 msrp has recently been on sale brand new, warranty'd, for $80 shipped. this guy on ebay should be aware how little demand that mobo commands today due to the shift in CPU core count & memory type/speed (or note that in your offer).